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Your Business.

Your Life.

Your Lawyers.

Law-Lynx is Spokane's most innovative team of attorneys. We pride ourselves on helping businesses and the people who own them.


Our network of business attorneys and financial analysts are here to help business owners meet the constantly changing needs of their clients.


You have built your business. We can help you protect it and keep growing. 


But life, even the life of a business owner, is about more than just work. So, our expert estate planning attorneys and life insurance agents are here to help you prepare for what comes next. 

Call today and schedule an appointment:  (509) 565-0691.


Are You and Your Business Ready for the Next Level?

Turning Vision into Reality

No matter where your business begins, our team of experts is here to help materialize your vision. Every business has to start somewhere: in the mind of a tireless entrepreneur, in a garage, or in a high-rise office downtown. No matter where your business begins, we will make sure you and your team are set up to succeed from your very first day. 

Passing the Torch


There comes a time in every business owner's life when they are ready to step down, and ride off into retirement. However, this is not possible without an adequate exit strategy. Whether this means selling the company or passing it down to a family member, our team is here to help put you, your retirement, and your business, in the best possible hands.

Growing and Development 


The best entrepreneurs are constantly looking for ways to grow their business. Our network can help by developing new marketing techniques to reach potential clients. We also offer financial analytics, and consultations with a focus on maximizing growth and efficiency.  We  use these collaborative resources to optimize efficiency and reduce costs for your business.

Financial Security


After the business has been formed, after the torch has been passed, and after you have followed the sunset into retirement, our job is to prepare you for life after business. Law-Lynx is here to help. From looking after your financial well-being to establishing trusts to safeguard your assets, our goal is to insure that your days of worrying are over. Let us alleviate your burden.

Daily Operations


While growth and planning are essential, a business thrives when its daily operations are streamlined and optimized. Law-Lynx can make this happen through our network of attorneys, who can create contracts for sales, services, employment relationships, or anything else you need for your business

Leaving a Legacy


Prepare for tomorrow by planning today.  Let us help you build a foundation for business and family. Our team includes attorneys who specialize in estate planning, as well as life-insurance agents and financial advisors, who want to ensure that after you are gone, your legacy lives on in the foundation that you established for those you leave behind. 


Law-Lynx in a Nutshell

Law-Lynx is an ever-growing network of connected professionals. Our team includes one of the top 100 lawyers in Spokane, according to Spokane/Coeur d'Alene Living Magazine. We also work with several young and invigorated attorneys who are looking to make their mark in the Pacific Northwest legal community. Our network of strategic partners are respected professionals in the areas of marketing, life-insurance, financial planning, and more. Our network  works because we are able to pool these resources together to cut costs and help your business grow. 



Grant Wolf

Attorney at Law
Wolf Legal Group
Founder, Law-Lynx

Tel: (509) 565-0691

Christopher Crago

Attorney at Law
Founder, Law-Lynx

Tel: (509) 505-4137



Law-Lynx Legal Group
400 S. Jefferson St.

Suite 109

Spokane, WA

Tel:  (509) 565-0691


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The law is complicated. We can help. Contact us today. 

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