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Law Firm Consultations

Let Us Be Your Bench


Law-Lynx is home to one of the top 100 lawyers in Spokane. Plus, we are staffed with some of the brightest new attorneys in the state.  All are ready to assist your firm, whenever you need us. Let our team tackle your excess legal work, document review, and more.

​Think of us as your back up plan, your bench players, your back office. Well... you get the point. 

With a combined 50 years of experience in the legal field, our team is well equipped to help small and medium sized law firms who have the occasional need for a bigger team. It's like growing your firm overnight. Whether you need assistance in maximizing billable hours, expanding into new areas of practice, or streamlining work within the firm, we are here to help.


And for smaller firms and solo practitioners, we offer consultations for firm advancement. We love helping our colleagues, friends, and clients grow. 

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we help solo practitioners as they near retirement. We know it can be difficult winding down a career of legal practice. You spent years helping your clients through their best and their worst times. You want to ensure that they are in the best possible position once you leave the practice of law. Our network of attorneys blends youthful exuberance with experienced wisdom, which allows us to meet the unique needs of any client. 

Call us when it's time to expand your team: 
(509) 505-4136

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